Malus bore the pain stoically.

That's not my mistake.

Thierry had a good reason for doing what he did.

Jun won't get far.

My mother's illness prevented me from attending the meeting.

You should report this to the police.

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Do you not play tennis?

Even if polluted water serves no other purpose, it can put out a fire.

Neville's son is getting married.

Louie hardly ever listens to music.

Sorry, it's not your decision.


Did you know Sundar was in there?

Now run along.

It is not too much to say that a man's interests are a sure guide to the real man.


The girl was pleased when she got a present.

Can't you come with us?

He and I can not speak Spanish.


That's the best concert I have ever been to.


I never forget a name.

Heinz has a great memory.

Switzerland is situated between France, Italy, Austria and Germany.

For the ten years since the last census the population has shrunk by 7.15%.

What's happening tomorrow?

Please don't feed the animals.

We love each other and that's the only thing that matters.

Don't send me notes anymore.

How do you propose to do that?


Let's assume Albert won't be here on time.

Sal hasn't been heard from.

They know the difficulties.

His illness dashed all his hopes.

He's in the zone.

I'd like to check some of my valuables.

I surfed today for my first time ever.


Santa hurried toward the elevator.


There is one apple on the desk.

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I'm the only one who understands.

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We might not have a choice.

Give that back to me.

I thought you might want to go with us.


Lay these books on my desk, if you don't mind.

When applying for a student loan you must report any dependants.

We're pretty tight.


My son wants to go to med school.


What is your occupation. What do you do here?

The Japanese people, thinking only of running away in such times, are pathetic.

Peter always makes a mountain out of a molehill.


Has Trevor told you anything yet?

I understand you're in a difficult position.

Metin isn't creepy.

Toerless is coming in.

I got up to go and look outside.


She woke him up.

Communicating more to the point and directly would help everyone.

You're not that old, Ethan.

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We're already late.

The Andorians have blue skin, white hair, and antennae.

Judging by the swelling, the man must have been bitten by a snake.

Thanks so much for coming.

It really stinks in here.


We are committed to our country's welfare.


Oliver is going to shoot me.

She jumped into her car.

I don't want to be alone anymore.

I'll be back in a couple minutes.

Les will try it.

"Styopa, how clever you are! How do you know it all, I haven't told you about that!" "Professor, I've read it in this encyclopaedia" "Bravo! Well done!"

Let's hope it stays that way.

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I'm very interested in the job.

I want to live in rural areas.

There are implicit elements.

Vilhelm wasted our time reporting a lot of irrelevant details.

Stop pretending that everything's okay. It's not.

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Mott still isn't totally convinced.

Good night everyone!

Put that book aside for me.

Po said that he was busy.

My last name is Jackson.

It's not going to be like that.

I gave him the morning off.

Skeeter finds it difficult to read small print.

You've made them angry.

Good morning, would you like something to eat?

Will you wait a minute?

Marilyn has a nice smile.

Almost every tourist carries a camera with him.

The good things about democracy is: anybody can say what's on their mind, but nobody has to listen to it.

Are you positive that it was Piercarlo?

I feel dizzy.

No one I know goes there anymore.


Pontus cast a quick glance at his watch while waiting for the elevator, wondering if he had enough time to buy a coffee before it got to his floor.

I didn't think I'd get there in time.

I owe him a great deal because he saved my life.


I want you to tell me about Tolerant.

There's no reason to do that.

Cobalt is a transition metal.

Owls can see in the dark.

I expected more from you.

Waiting isn't a good idea.

Please accept this little gift.

I've loved you since the day I saw you.

To overcome the weight force, airplanes generate an opposing force called lift.

Having finished the work, I went out for a walk.

Do you prefer red or white wine?

I am single.

Norm didn't beg Dale to take her back.


It is unclear in Patterson's experiment whether the output objects fully correspond to the designed models.

No one can protect you.

The boy was all but drowned.


Don't make a fuss.

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In the sphere of thought, absurdity and perversity remain the masters of the world, and their dominion is suspended only for brief periods.

Jennifer lied to her husband.

Iceland entered into an alliance with France.


I let my friend copy my homework.

It's almost time to get started.

Laurence works in a pasta factory.

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He is around sixty years old.

Pascal's parents let him stay out late at night.

Ramanan put his shirt on inside out.

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Just let go of the rope.

I heard you crashed Saumya's party.

That's our problem.

Anti-foreign sentiment is often stoked by the Chinese government in order to bolster cheap nationalism.

Detective Dan Anderson picked up another trail.

Susan was lonely and he wished he had someone to talk to.

I will give you a new bicycle for your birthday.


You can speak both Russian and Chinese.


The light doesn't come on in my room.

What No says is only partly right.

When did you start studying Latin?

What is your date of birth?

He couldn't adapt to new circumstances.

Who are you going with?

Marian has been very successful.

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This gives me an idea.

It was a silly rumor.

Have you and Vladimir ever worked together?

There is no limit.

Bonnie and I are getting married in October.

He's interested in mathematics.

Don't judge Laurence too harshly.

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Celeste took this photo.

Win made me angry.

He had to, but didn't want to, do the job.

Who is taller, you or Lee?

He is certainly able to be good to you, but he can never be good for you.

They invited us around for a meal.

I would like to know her name.

Mikey has more money than he needs.

A fox isn't caught twice in the same snare.

Remember, you're pregnant.

Rex is not a liar.

Why can't you be quiet?

They travelled all throughout Europe with me!

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Just a small portion.

She was poor, but she was honest.

Lucius was not allowed to board the plane because he did not hold a valid travel document.


We were obliged to make a detour.

I perceived an object looming through the mist.

I know as much about it as the man in the moon.


Will I see him later?

It's exactly what they want.

Don't make me leave.

The water there was so deep that I could not touch bottom.

You'd better be prepared.